Tabitha “Tabz” Smith, Producer, has been involved in producing since she was seven and directed her younger sister in a production of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. She discovered her love for writing an early age and that, combined with her passion of all things shiny lead her to study communications in college. Since then she’s been involved in all things media including radio, television, and video production.

In the spring of 2006 her good friend John Meadows started her on the road to Joss Whedon fandom by bringing over his copy of the Firefly DVDs. Shortly after that she found Buffy, Angel and has been a rabid consumer of all things Whedon. That fall John introduced her to podcasts, starting with Firefly Talk, and she’s been hooked ever since.

In her normal life (whenever she has time for that) she enjoys traveling, photography, and being heavily involved in her local church. She has a general podcast and blog about her life called fanTABZulous. She also edits her father’s podcast: Transformed!. Her real life job is working in social media and public relations. She has two cats: Myboyfriend and Tigger.

Scott McCoy has been a sci-fi geek since he was old enough to be shown what Star Trek was by his father. He’s been a computer nerd since he was 10 years old and got his first Commodore 64. Since then, he’s done just a little bit of everything, from acting and singing to gaming and geeking, and just about anything that can be done with a computer.

Currently, Scott lives with my wife just West of Chicago, with two cats and too many computers, CD’s, books and movies to count.

He was introduced to Firefly by his Joss Whedon-lovin’ wife, who also introduced him to Buffy & Angel. Firefly has been the only thing that could supplant his love of Trek as the first Sci-Fi love in his life, and he’s never looked back. He’ll be editing Tales from the Verse from time to time, and may also do some odd jobs as needed.

Steve “The Beast” Poarch is from the sprawling metropolis of Verbena, Alabama. He is currently a travel agent, but has “done a little of everything” including: corpse pick-up and delivery for a medical examiner’s office; DJ, producer, and promotions director for several radio stations; and Online technical support/online banker. Steve plays over 10 musical instruments with various degrees of proficiency, reads anything with print on it, and swears he doesn’t have an accent, dad-gummit.

Robin Hudson spreads the Whedon love in Seoul, Korea where she teaches the English language at a women’s university and does voice over work for English language textbooks.

Robin’s dad convinced her to watch Buffy during season 1- this took some arm-twisting as she hated the name. Come on, ‘Buffy’? Seriously? While she’s now keen on both Buffy and Angel, her most beloved Whedon work is Firefly. You should see her tattoo!

She can be heard playing various and sundry characters on the audio drama Buffy Between the Lines. You’ll also hear her on the upcoming Firefly audio drama, Dark Places. In addition, Robin is a Between the Lines Studios beta reader.

Her other fandoms include, but are not limited to, Dollhouse, The Big Bang Theory, Terminator:SCC (aka the Summer Show), Chuck, True Blood, and Dexter. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks on the beach – no wait . . . she enjoys guns! yeah, that’s it! pew! pew! pew! ahem. She’s also an epic cross-stitcher.

You can follow her on Twitter or LiveJournal: RobinInSeoul

Andrew Ball is an English major in Seattle, Washington with a love of the sea, a deep romantic sensibility, and a crippling inability to be appreciated in his own time; in fact, it would not be an exaggeration to call him nothing less than this century’s Melville (but with a far less impressive beard). A Joss Whedon fanboy since Buffy Season 6 and a Browncat from the very beginning, he’s also dipped his bill into voice acting and was already juggling three podcasting jobs when he foolishly decided to pick up this one.

Scarlett is fairly new to the world of podcasting. She started out with a couple of characters here and there in ‘Buffy between the Lines’ and has a recurring character in ‘Angel between the Lines’. She has also done some work for Imagination Lane/Gypsy Audio in the Lara Bond:Mayaland episode (listen for the character with the over-the-top Russian accent). Scarlett is hoping to tell her parents that her English degree is good for something as she attempts to branch out into the writing side of podcasting as well.

Johny Ho, also known as Numfar PTB in several Whedon-related fan communities, was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil with his family at a very early age, which is where he operates nowadays. In his civilian life, he’s part of NATE a research and development team that works with initiatives and projects on technologies for education and edutainment and also actions for improvement of science education in Brazil at USP (University of Sao Paulo).

Johny has been a Joss Whedon fan from the very start (late 90s), he took active roles in several Brazilian local fan movements and also a columnist about Buffy, Angel, Firefly and also Birds of Prey for the Series Online website during the early 2000s.

An occasional blogger and a new media enthusiast, he was introduced to the world of podcasting by The Signal during the early fan guerrilla marketing to promote Serenity, now he subscribes to almost 50 feeds including daily podcasts and podiobooks. Since 2007, joined the Tales from the Verse crew to help out with the Chinese translations in the stories. Johny is fluent in Portuguese, Chinese (mostly mandarin, but a little bit of Taiwanese too) and English.

You can follow his updates and random thoughts on twitter as johnytyh.

Previous Crew Members:

Carolyn Parkinson is one of the founders and former captain of Tales From The ‘Verse. She’s an avid reader and editor (though not yet writer) of Firefly fan fiction. She does have a handful of fancy professional qualifications, however. She has a fair amount of freelance and paid writing and editing experience, and has worked on the The Signal podcast since its inception.

Carolyn blames her husband for her love of Firefly, as he mercilessly nagged her for months to check out the show (for which she thanks him immensely now). She claims that she “looks like Inara, but has the personality of Kaylee.”

Jill Arroway grew up on the Scottish island of Stornaway, where she made a meagre living sewing lobsters onto the chief fishmonger’s buttocks. Believing this was not the life for her, she left in search of wild adventure and screaming. She spent several years in Transylvania trying to get bitten by a vampire, an ambition which she sadly failed to achieve at the time, although ironically she did achieve it many years later, after she’d moved back to England and started eating garlic pizzas. Her favorite hobbies include computer science, experimental mathematics, and dressing up as a mermaid and luring sailors to their deaths. Jill is the editor and primary architect of the Signal, and the captain of this crew. She is also an author, classical composer and has been known to write and perform in a prog rock band. For a long time, her home was a disguised as a vending machine in Victoria coach station, England. Then – disaster – a freak tornado rendered the gyroscopic stabiliser unusable. Stranded in what at the time seemed to be the twentieth century, although it later turned out to have been the twenty first, she had no choice but to settle down and try to take over the world.

Doug Moran. When Doug is asked “Where are you from?” he usually answers either, “Uh…,” “Most recently, you mean?” or “The Northeast,” which is about as specific as saying “Western Canada” or “The Western Hemisphere.” The fact is, after kicking around Connecticut, New Hampshire, Long Island, and northern Virginia, the longest Doug stayed any place was the 12 years he spent in Santa Cruz, California. His caustic sense of humor precludes saying he is a Santa Cruzan, however, so he usually says, “Uh…”

With a Computer Science degree in his hot little hands and a modicum of writing ability, Doug parlayed those and an Irishman’s ability with blarney into a career as a technical writer in the computer biz, which allows him to work from his current home in Austin, Texas, be with his two kids, and still get in plenty of time watching Firefly, playing with A/V software, and hitting the frisbee golf courses nearby. Doug’s insanely tolerant wife–who once encouraged him to buy a sports car so as to preclude any midlife adulterating– fluctuates between living with his weird hobbies and urging him to engage in them even more, which helps explain why he is so inordinately fond of her.

Mark Trulson is a graphic artist with 19 years experience in the newspaper business doing everything from writing, advertisement design, page-composition, and computer system manager. With that background, he started a graphic design company offering not only graphic design but printing and video production. Mark lives in the Midwestern United States, in the “Land of Lincoln”, near a very big river.

Paul Pearson is a student from NSW, Australia with aspirations of being a writer and director for the big screen (yes, just like Joss) (yes, it’s kinda creepy and stalker-ish). Though he’s done several Eisteddfods in his youth Paul hasn’t done any professional voice work for radio, podcasting, etc. Paul enjoys reading, good television and movies, basketball, walking, music and podcasts, and is ever so slightly embarrassed that he can recite the “diarrhea of an elephant” phrase in Chinese.

Dan Bodenstein. At the age of thirteen, Dan began writing computer programs…. on paper. Six months later, his father traded some camera equipment for a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1. That move started him down his future path. Today, he is responsible for the day to day IT activities of a large Real Estate Advertising company.

He got hooked on Firefly after signing up for Netflix and adding it to his queue. While Firefly was aired, he lived in a remote area which did not have local Fox affilates on his satelite network, so he missed the show. After the first 2 episodes, he was totally hooked. As a long time Sci-fi fan, (He even built a robot at age 15), Dan knew a top quality show.

Dan lives in South Florida and spends his spare time designing websites, enjoying Nature Photography, and dodging Hurricanes.


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