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Tales From The ‘Verse #017 – Ship of Gold (selenite)

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Tales from the ‘Verse #016 – Mal Adjusted (Claude L. Parish)

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Tales From The ‘Verse #014 – ‘Twas the Night Before Festivus (xx_squish_xx)

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Tales From The ‘Verse #012 – Kaylee’s World (Colleen Bement)

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Tales From The ‘Verse #001 – A Quiet Time (Robin Rhoads) & The Meeting Time (VR Trakowski)

  • Host Steve “The Beast” Poarch introduces himself and the podcast.
  • Tales From The ‘Verse theme tune and Serenity Soundtrack.
  • A Quiet Game, by Robin Rhoads

Thanks to Chinesepod for the translations –

  • The Meeting Time, by VR Trakowski
  • Up and Coming Fan-produced work
  • Firefly – “Old Wounds
  • Big Damn Chefs
  • Next show and call for submissions
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