Tales from the ‘Verse #015 – So You Wanna Write a Fanfic?

21 Jan

Edited by John N.

Hosted by Tabz

“So You Wanna Write a Fanfic?”

by Tabitha Grace Smith & Carolyn Parkinson

Read by Heidi

Links Mentioned in the Article:

National Novel Writing Month

Language is a Virus

I Should Be Writing Podcast

Creative Writing Podcast

Secrets by Michael A. Stackpole

Wikipedia Entry on Fanfic terms

Blue Sun Room (fan art and fan fiction)

LiveJournal Beta Search Community

LiveJounral Firefly Beta Search Community

Pretty, Pretty (by miss kitty: the fan fiction that asks, “What if Simon and Kaylee had made love in the episode Jaynestown?”)


The Signal Season 5

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One Response to Tales from the ‘Verse #015 – So You Wanna Write a Fanfic?

  1. Irving Washington

    April 11, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    The mp3 link is broken for this podcast, and just when I got curious about writing fanfic too.


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